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Eternal Grace

Offline RPG from Indonesia.

Eternal Grace is a classical offline RPG game which puts its power in

the storyline, interesting characters and their interactions with

enhanced symphaty system, challenging battles, and addictive card mini

game with AI.

The story goes around Razh, a mercenary, and Millia, a special agent,

on their mission to prevent the world Enthrea from a collapse caused

by a previous war. Razh, in the need of money, accepted Millia's plead

to help her achieve more people to join the movement to save Enthrea.

Along their journey they meet a lot of interesting characters,

interact with them, and solve puzzles. Combined with their complex yet

touching relationship, added with various external factors while

trying to gather more people to join their mission, the storyline

emerges to a situation where everyone would say: I want to know what

happened next.

To download beta version of this game, please click this link:


Our website: www.eternal-grace.com

Please let us know if you would need anything else to review our game.

We would be very glad to be of help.

Our game is now in the bigger group beta testing process, we plan to

ship the tested game in 10 days.  

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