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Etermax reveal plans to open European studio

Animated TV show based on developer's flagship title Trivia Crack also in the works for 2018 release

Argentinian mobile developer Etermax has revealed its plans for international expansion which include a new European studio and an animated TV show.

Having closed out 2017 with more than 350 million users, the developer is to establish a new art and development team in Montevideo, Uruguay and open a new studio in Berlin, Germany.

"Berlin is a global talent magnet, so we're really looking forward to bringing a diverse team together to deliver unique experiences through our upcoming games," said Maximo Cavazzani, founder and CEO.

Additionally, Etermax has announced an animated TV show based on the characters from its flagship title, Trivia Crack, set to release in mid-2018.

"Trivia Crack has already a strong brand presence in family audiences... We are thrilled to have the opportunity to further develop these characters into a global animated series - full of fun and adventure - to spark wonder and curiosity in kids," said creative director Ezequiel Mottillo.

Etermax also has four new games scheduled for release this year, including an augmented reality title and a MOBA.

"All our upcoming games are available in the early access phase so that we can take our users' feedback into consideration to improve our products," said chief product officer Mariano Fragulia. "This process enables us to deliver a stronger final version for the global launch."

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