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ESRB: 5% of games rated M in 2010

US ratings board categorised 1638 titles, 55% rated E for everyone

The vast majority of games rated by the US ratings board the ESRB last year were deemed suitable for anyone over ten, with only 5 per cent of those games - just 82 titles - rated M for mature.

The figures, released yesterday by the group, show that 74 per cent of games are considered suitable for ages 10 and above, with 55 per cent rated E for everyone.

18 Per cent of 2010's games were labelled for 10+, with 21 per cent receiving the roughly 15 equivalent in the UK of a Teen rating. The ESRB also operates a tier of classification one higher than mature: Adults Only. No games were placed in that bracket last year.

Comparing those figures to movies released last year in the US, BoxOfficeMojo.com tracked 531 of the 706 films rated by the MPAA. Of those 531, just over 31 per cent or 169 movies, were rated R - meaning suitable for 17 or over. 39 per cent were unrated, 18 per cent judged to be fit for 13 year olds, ten per cent were PG and just one per cent were suitable for all.

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