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"Escape from Paradise City" – New Name, Screenshots and Game Info

An atmospheric collection of new screenshots proudly shows off the in-game attraction of Escape from Paradise City (previously known as "Paradise City").

Developed by the Danish studio Sirius Games, Escape from Paradise City is a modern day, urban RPG, where the gameplay includes elements of character development, management and real-time strategy.

Utilising an excellent graphics engine, the game effortlessly displays a vast city, superbly rendered and bustling with life. Such an environment is the ideal playground in which to play and develop 3 streetwise characters during 16 chapters of a dark and forbidding game.

In Paradise City, characters must infiltrate the gangs and 'hoods for the NSA, whose agents have been disappearing off the streets with alarming frequency. It won't be long until the character realises that behind the gang war infesting the city there hides terrifying and powerful figures that, it seems, no bullet will stop.

Experience can be gained through fights and mission completion, whereupon each level of advancement provides more options for character development and abilities. Characters can even take control of several neighbourhoods in the city. Each neighbourhood has different attributes; some generate income, others house weaponry, or even a police station and its corrupt officers. Taking control of an area allows for the recruitment of henchmen who will either defend your 'hood, or join you during a raid against another nearby neighbourhood. Finally, each neighbourhood plays host to "Power Skills" - these are skills that can be associated with the power used by your character. These numerous 'specials' allow you, for example, to call a vehicle for safe transit across the city, call for backup, put a 'mark' on one of your enemies, and many other actions that will help you overcome the city poisonous underground and its overlords.

Official website - Escape from Paradise City

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