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ESA celebrates Mexico's anti-piracy raids

Region's law enforcement confiscates 20 tons of pirated videogames, accounting for over 90,000 pirated titles

The ESA has commended Mexico's law enforcement for seizing 20 tons of pirated videogame products.

Over 40 Mexican officers from the region's Procuraduría General de la República and Agencia Federal de Investigación organisations raided booths and uncovered approximately 91,200 pirated games. Mexican law enforcement officials operated in conjunction with local ESA representatives to conduct this raid.

"Piracy in markets such as San Juan de Dios hurts businesses engaging in the legitimate distribution and retailing of computer and video games," said Michael D Gallagher, CEO of the ESA.

"We commend Mexican law enforcement officials for their actions in this raid and are committed to fully supporting authorities around the world who conduct these kinds of enforcement actions."

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