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ESA calls for US top 10 sales chart

Trade association president wants weekly public chart and digital sales data

The US games industry needs its own weekly top ten sales charts, according to Entertainment Software Association (ESA) president Michael Gallagher.

Speaking at a press conference earlier in the month, as reported by website Kotaku, Gallagher claimed that the games industry needed a publically available chart similar to that in the film and music industry.

"I do think that the movie industry has a significant advantage over other forms of media because on Monday morning… whether you are driving, or looking at the newspaper, what's there: the top ten movies. What's next to that? Numbers," said Gallagher.

"I think there is thought, because you now have significant revenue, and growth and investment and where that flows you tend to get better information. Reporters ask for it, investors certainly do and then there are consumers. There is an advantage to the companies to figure out a way to report that," he added.

Asked whether the ESA would consider providing the necessary data, Gallagher responded: "Someone had better do it or you're going to have a trade association doing it. It has got to be done."

Gallagher also called for digital sales to be released by NPD, pointing to the absence of titles such as Zynga's FarmVille from data currently made available online. NPD has indicated that it has no plans to release public data for such titles.

Although weekly software sales charts have long been available in Japan and most of Europe (although not including specific sales numbers) the US market has only monthly charts provided by NPD Group.

Currently results for May have been delayed, as NPD institute "a significant upgrade" to their IT infrastructure. Usually due on the second Thursday of the following month, May's results are expected tomorrow.

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