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eRepublik Labs secures additional EUR 2 million funding

Private equity money will be used to build on existing eRepublik MMO, as well as future titles

Online strategy game developer eRepublik Labs has secured an additional EUR 2 million in funding.

The funds come courtesy of AGF Private Equity, and will be used to build on the Dublin company's existing online strategy game, eRepublik, as well as to launch new titles.

"With the help of AGF Private Equity and Guillaume Lautour, whom I am delighted to welcome to our board, we will have the means to make our ideas, along with those gathered from our enthusiastic community, come true," said eRepublik CEO and co-founder Alexis Bonte.

eRepublik Labs was founded in 2007. Prior to the above, the company had previously secured EUR 770,000 in both angel and seed rounds.

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