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Epic War 3 - War of Heroes

Flash-based battle strategy game now available in iPhone form.


Indonesia, October 28, 2010 - Menara Games and Artlogicgames announces the launch of Epic War 3 - War of Heroes iPhone version. After 16 month from initial flash version and a total of 25 millions plays worldwide, Epic War 3 is now finally released on the iPhone. Play the most epic battle strategy game on the iPhone now, from the developers of one of the best iPhone Tower Defense game "Defender Chronicles" collaborating with a leading flash games developer Artlogicgames. Epic war 3 is a phenomenal strategy game and the most epic strategy games at leading online games portals. 

Epic War 3 comes with 6 different heroes and 16 stages as the original flash version does. Experience improved replayability value by defeating the progressive difficulty levels only on the iPhone and iPod Touch version. The iPhone version has the complete looks and feel of the flash version, and a much better controls scheme using the iPod / iPhone touch screen, resulting maximum gameplay experience.

The Epic War series has a total of 50 million plays worldwide, join 500,000 players all over the world and experience the epicness. Epic War series is the most favorites, played and the best strategy game at kongregate, leading online game portal.

Some of previous achievements of Epic War 3 flash:

- Top 9 strategy games at kongregate

- Top 3 most played strategy games at kongregate

- Top 3 most favorites strategy games at kongregate

- More than 25 million plays around the world


- 6 heroes

- 16 stages

- 20 units to unlock 

- 10 unique magic skills 

- 5 levels of upgradeable units and skills

- 5 secret challenge stages

- epic battle visual effects

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About Menara Games

Menara Games is an independent game developer based in Bandung, Indonesia, best known from developing its previous downloadable hit titles such as Burger Rush, Restaurant Rush, and Cate West series with Gamenauts inc, and also recently co-develop a fresh new takes on Tower Defense genre for the iPhone last year : "Defender Chronicles - Legend of the Desert King" with Gimka, inc.

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About Artlogicgames

Artlogicgames is an independent game developer based in Surabaya, Indonesia, becomes one of top flash game developer with many winning award from largest  online gaming portal such as kongregate and newgrounds. Artlogic games have been played more than 90 millions in 3 years such as epic war series , which is the most succesful series, bug war series, fly squirrel fly series.

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Menara Games


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