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Epic Truck

3D off-roader gets an update.

Just in time for the Holidays, independent developer Sea Lion Games has just released an update to their Epic Truck off-road game on the App Store! With this game your childhood dream finally comes true as it puts you behind the wheels of one of the most stunningly rendered 3D-vehicles ever to be controlled on a handheld with physics to match! As you drive through the scenic and dangerous Desert Ridge location (more locations such as Snowy Peak coming soon), your task is to complete each race while avoiding monstrous obstacles such as logs, boulders, and moguls, while performing amazing stunts and tricks in the shortest time possible. Your truck is controlled by use of the touch screen with acceleration on the right and braking on the left. Tilt your device from side to side when you go flying mid-air as the game utilizes the accelerometers for flipping your truck or fine tuning your landing. On the ground, use Tilt for gaining additional traction up steep rocks.

The latest update of Epic Truck now available on the App Store (v1.1) introduces a number of fixes, and in particularly addresses player feedback such as adjusting controls to be more polished, smoother, better, and simplified giving you the ultimate feeling of truly controlling your own monster truck! Featuring 10 races and more than 23 achievements, this game is loaded with features. Add to this impressive list of features the quick reset buttons for deadly drops, broken axles and unfortunate flips! Successfully complete all races to optionally submit your scores online to the Leaderboards, but this is not an easy task. Your truck actually takes damage and will even throw a tire, yet it’s still possible to complete a level if you’re skilled enough!

Epic Truck is a Universal App meaning it takes full advantage of whatever device on which you play the game. The game looks absolutely stunning on later generations of devices with support of HD visuals and real-time projected shadows: And last but not least, Epic Truck fully supports Game Center for its Leaderboards and Achievements, and from an options menu it is possible to toggle on and off sound effects and music to suit your personal preferences.

Epic Truck is available from the App Store here:

It should also be mentioned that this awesome off-roader game also exists for the Android platform, and that the developer is constantly busy making the game increasingly better by continuously providing cool updates and features. Visit the developers’ website at to follow development of this, and other cool games.

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