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Envizions Unveils Prototype Design for Next Generation Media Hybrid Console Hub

Anniston, Alabama(October 31, 2005)-- Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation, a company that has been in business for three years has plans to release it's new hybrid media entertainment center called EVO : Phase One, early in the second quarter of next year of 2006. The system will reveal several new features. EVO will make use of the new software technology that will allow customer's to do game console like applications. The system will also do standard features that regular media center PC's do such as : pause, rewind, and record live TV, store photos, and computer applications. Plus, EVO will ship with tuner card, and customers can choose from black or silver at launch .The system will be priced competitively lower than other media center PC's. The suggested retail price will be $579 and will be sold directly from the company's web site or participating retailers.

The new system will make use of Envizions' S. R. I software engine, or Simulated Realistic Intelligence. It will support HDTV, play 3D games, and incorporate wireless applications. The reference design at the company website detail that the system will be sleek and compact to blend in perfectly within the living room. The unit will be manufactured in Alabama.

"We wanted to deliver a new network that will allow our customer to utilize this platform for many years to come," said Derrick Samuels , CEO and Founder of Envizions. Samuels added " our goal isn't to build a super computer at this stage , but to set the foundation for growth and reduce cost for our customer, this system's core idea is choice." The company is already taking pre orders for customers that want to reserve the unit. The first shipment is expected to be 25,000 units." " This system will be new, we don't plan to follow the current game console mold of doing business ." Samuels explained to a small group of investors at their annual investor meeting this year.

Envizions has been working quietly on this hi-tech system for three years. Many changes have been applied over the last year. The company estimated that the EVO : Phase One will ship on time once an official date has been finalize. In the mean time , this October the company is releasing it's standard media center PC which is called EVO: Trinity HD3 with a lot of perks that will be a well balance gaming hub mixed with good media and PC applications. This system will ship with wireless keyboard, mouse, remote and PC game controller. To add to this deal, one PC game will be available for some packages. See web site for more details.

The company has stated that the EVO: Phase One will blur the line between PC and game console. The system will play customize EVO games and PC games. The system will be able to be upgraded or configured to the customer's own taste. " Some people want a high end system and some want a basic gaming system with good graphics and great games. We plan to deliver on both ends." states Samuels. " Our goal is to create a balanced system with a foundation for our customer's to configure how they want there gaming or entertainment experience ." There will be several features that will become available as the system reaches it's release date. Listed on within this press release are a few specifications and more will be release in the near future.

Some key features for the EVO :Phase One media hub game console :

- Customize Case

- S.R.I Compatible

- AMD Athlon 64


- 80 hard drive

- Tuner Card

- Microsoft Media Center 2005

- Slot Loading DVD-Burner

- ATI Radeon Card

- Creative Lab Sound Card

Pre order Special Bonus: Pre orders customers will get a special bonus package when their order ships next year. The company is giving the first 3000 orders a free signed book, Beyond EVO : The Best Kept Secret. The book will be signed by CEO, Founder, and System Designer Derrick Samuels. The book will detail the life of the founder and development of the system . Also for those who pre-order, one free EVO collector card, and one free black and red tee shirt with the phrase " Evo The Next Generation."

Safe Harbor Statement : Certain statements included in this press release my constitute forward-looking statements. Actual results could differ materially from such statements expressed or implied herein as a result of a variety of factors including but not limited to : the development of the Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation technology, the successful marketing and distribution of the Evo of the competition and timing of projects and trends in the gaming industry. The forward looking statements contained herein are made only as of the date of this press release, and Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation undertakes no obligations to publicly update such forward looking statements to reflect subsequent events or circumstances.

About Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation: The Company was incorporated out of Delaware on August 10, 2004 and founded by Derrick Samuels one year earlier. The main headquarter is located at 801-5 Nobel Street, Anniston, Alabama. The company consists of electronic devices, media and publishing. The company manufactures media PC's at its current location. The company's most ambitious project is the EVO: Trinity HD3 entertainment media console, and the highly anticipated EVO :Phase One media game console hub early next Q2. Also new products scheduled for next year include the Smart Pen and Digital Checkbook Balancer.

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