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Entropia Universe

First political prisoner taken in rock-themed gameworld.

Virtual world millionaire NEVERDIE, who recently set a new world record after making a Real life profit of over $500k from the sale of a virtual asteroid, was banned from playing in ROCKtropia after a backlash from the game community was ignited by his high profile activities and dual Role of Gamer and Developer

In what some people described as an international online virtual witch hunt, NEVERDIE, his real life family and staff were all penalized in an attempt to stem fears of possible virtual insider trading..

NEVERDIE commented “ There really hasn't been a situation like this before in Video Game History where a gamer has crossed over to become a developer and because of the sensitivity of a Multi-Billion dollar Virtual goods Economy, must stop being a gamer. Of course I understand everyone's concerns, but I simply can't quit and waste my time building another avatar in a lesser MMO. I have spent 10 years championing Virtual Culture, ROCKtropia is the Future of Virtual Worlds, I must keep my Avatar alive, even if it means I have to Play inside a Virtual Prison, that's still game enough for me and who knows I may just find a way to escape!”

ROCKtropia is a cutting Edge virtual world that utilizes Stunning Cryengine2 Graphics and exists within Entropia Universe, the leading Real cash Economic, social and gaming platform.

ROCKtropia's central theme is music and Pop Culture featuring destinations for Major Artists, Bands and Music Companies. ROCktropia 2.0 is set for launch April 12th 2011.

ROCKtropia 2.0 will add new functionality to the virtual World including Quests, mini games, Expanded Shopping, Residential Areas, a Prison, Nightclubs, Tutorials, New Characters, Wildlife and Virtual Treasures branded by Top Artists.

NEVERDIE Studios will exhibit at Screenburn at SXSW in Austin Texas March 11-13th to provide a Sneak preview of ROCKtropia 2.0 to the Press and Public and also to make a Major announcement.


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Notes to Editors

About ROCKtropia:

ROCKtropia is a fully interactive 3D gaming destination situated in the Entropia Universe. The music-themed planet allows artists and their fans to engage with each other in a highly interactive, and visually stunning virtual world. Through Entropia's real cash economic system, both artists and fans can generate real-world revenue from fans' activities in their favourite artist's destination. Artists can have unlimited input into the development of their online destination. Examples include Lemmy’s Castle, developed in conjunction with Lemmy from Motorhead, and Zomhattan, developed in conjunction with Kevin Rudolf.

For more information on ROCKtropia visit

About NEVERDIE Studios:

NEVERDIE Studios was founded by iconic gamer and avatar Jon "NEVERDIE" Jacobs in 2008 to create virtual worlds as well as movies and music. Since its inception, NEVERDIE Studios has developed and launched ROCKtropia, the first virtual music world, and is developing Next Island, a tropical, time travel virtual planet. NEVERDIE studios has also scored chart-topping club hits with dance diva Cheri Moon.

For more information on NEVERDIE Studios visit;

About MindArk:

Based in Sweden, MindArk develops, operates and markets Entropia Universe and the Entropia Platform. Entropia Universe is a 3D internet virtual universe with a unique integrated economic system and stunning graphics. The Entropia Platform is a secure entertainment and business platform, enabling companies and organizations all over the world to build content on differently themed planets inside Entropia Universe. MindArk is the only company which backs their virtual currency at a guaranteed exchange rate of 10 PED to $1 USD.

For more information about MindArk PE AB visit 

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