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Enter the Gungeon reaches 1 million sales

Dodge Roll's debut finds success with Devolver as its publisher

Dodge Roll has sold 1 million copies of its debut game, the bullet-hell dungeon-crawler Enter the Gungeon.

Enter the Gungeon was published by Devolver Digital on April 1 2016, and it sold 200,000 copies a week after launch. The next 800,000 sales arrived in the time since, with the bulk of its audience on Steam - Steam Spy's data indicates that it has 780,000 owners on the platform.

Dodge Roll Games was founded by Dave Crooks and several colleagues from EA Mythic, where they all worked prior to EA closing the studio in May 2014. As Crook explained to us in May last year, development of the game took a year longer than expected.

"We always knew having Devolver would help us some amount, but it's so hard to quantify," he said. "When we were coming out, the amount of copies we had to sell to break even would be considered a success for many indie games. And that was really scary.

"There's this rule around doing pretty much anything in games--and other disciplines as well--that says, 'Take whatever amount of time you think it's going to take and then times it by three'... If I've learned anything, it's more like five times as much.

"Just try to be as shrewd and pessimistic as possible on all things related to time and money, because it's definitely pretty rough out there."

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