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enne entertainment studios positioned to lead virtual world development in Europe and Latin America

Exclusive partnership with Silicon Valley-based Multiverse designed to enrich technical capabilities and create business opportunities in multi-billion dollar industry

SALAMANCA, Spain. - June 28 2007 - Enne Entertainment Studios, a leading games and animation studio today announced that it has entered into an exclusive partnership with The Multiverse Network, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based company building the world's leading network of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) and 3D virtual worlds. The agreement establishes Enne as Multiverse's preferred professional services provider in Europe and Latin America, and includes opportunities for technical training, licensing arrangements and strategic marketing counsel.

"We are tremendously excited about our partnership with Multiverse," said Jesús Adrián Montero, CEO, Enne Entertainment Studios. "We intend to leverage their experience and advanced technology to strengthen our ability to enter and compete in the hugely popular and lucrative virtual world industry."

The two companies will collaborate on the design of MMOGs and non-game virtual worlds. Enne's future projects, which also include development tools, will be built with Multiverse technology. In addition, Enne will provide professional services to other European and Latin American-based development teams.

"The potential impact of virtual worlds to entertainment, business and education is remarkable," said Bill Turpin, CEO and co-founder, The Multiverse Network. "Together, Multiverse and Enne will lead the next generation of designers to create immersive online experiences for millions of people to explore, play and learn in."

To initiate this strategic partnership, Multiverse executives and specialists will develop and implement a knowledge transfer program for key Enne personnel over a three months period. Led by Multiverse Advisory Board member, Max Sims, Multiverse will focus its education on the intricacies of digital content creation infrastructure, including classes on the methodologies and techniques of business, art, technology and production.

In addition to its own projects, Enne plans to support its joint venture with the Intelligent Information Systems and Educational Technology Group (BISITE) at the University of Salamanca to teachstudents how to use Multiverse technology and design virtual worlds for a variety of applications. Multiverse and Enne are currently defining the institute's core curriculum and class schedule. Further, the University of Salamanca and Silicon Valley-based Cogswell Polytechnical College will share students and faculty to ensure that information, ideas and experiences flow continuously between Silicon Valley and Europe.

The Multiverse Network, Inc.

The Multiverse Network, Inc. is creating a network of online video games and other 3D virtual worlds. Its unique technology platform is changing the economics of this medium by empowering development teams to create high-quality, Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) and non-game virtual worlds for less money and in less time than ever before. Multiverse solves the industry's prohibitive challenges by providing development teams with a comprehensive, precoded client-server infrastructure and tools, a wide range of free content - including sample worlds for modification - and a built-in market of consumers. The Multiverse Network gives consumers a single program - the Multiverse Client - that lets them play all of the MMOGs and visit all of the non-game virtual worlds built on the Multiverse Platform. For more information about the company, please visit

Enne Entertainment Studios

Based in Salamanca, Spain, enne is a games and animation studio, specialized in creating new realities, and new experiences. But mainly they are a studio that lives each one of its projects. They enjoy creating them, conscious of amusement and making your imagination fly, but first they must feel the same. Enne is part of the GPM Group, which has more than 10 years of experience in the new technologies and Internet sector. For more information about the company, please visit

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