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Enkord announces Dedicated Affiliate Program

Leading casual game developer offers a generous compensation package to Web site owners and portal operators


October 29, 2007 -- Leading casual game developer Enkord, Ltd. has announced the Enkord Dedicated Affiliate Program, a turnkey revenue-earning opportunity for Web site owners and game portal operators. Geared toward online destinations offering Internet browser games, the Enkord Dedicated Affiliate Program allows Web site owners and game portal operators to feature online and downloadable versions of Enkord's casual games. When a visitor purchases the full version of one of Enkord's downloadable games, the host site keeps 40 percent of the gross revenue earned through the sale. Web sites and casual game portals already generating income through advertising can continue to do so using Enkord's games without sharing the proceeds.

Enkord's selection of visually rich casual games includes explosive shooters such as Clash & Slash and Armada Tanks, addictive match-three puzzle releases such as Jurassic Realm and Clayside, and enjoyable arcade offerings such as Svetlograd and Jam XM. The downloadable versions of these and other games can be played for free for as long as 60 minutes, after which the player is given the option to purchase the game, usually for $19.95. Enkord pays 40 percent of those earnings to the host site. Whereas other affiliate programs charge bandwidth and e-commerce fees, Enkord is giving away more than half of its revenues to its affiliates.

Also, unlike other affiliate programs, which use Internet browser cookies and other unreliable methods to track customers, the Enkord Dedicated Affiliate Program is based on new technology that reliably tracks where customers download the trial versions of Enkord's games. When a user downloads a free demo through an affiliate's site, a custom setup file is created that includes the affiliate code of the host. When the user buys the game, the affiliate is credited with the sale. At no point are cookies or other unreliable methods used to track downloads.

"The Enkord Dedicated Affiliate Program is geared toward maximizing your revenues by providing a transparent and reliable solution as well as a generous compensation package," said Yaroslav Yanovsky, CEO of Enkord. "Plus, we believe you need to keep your visitors, so we're not going to steal them from your site. Our affiliate program is structured in such a way your visitors won't even notice they've left your site."

For more on earning money through the Enkord Dedicated Affiliate Program, please visit http://www.enkord.com/affiliate/paid/.

About Enkord, Ltd.

Founded in 2003, Enkord is a team of software developers, artists and musicians dedicated to producing simple and addictive games distinguished by unique gameplay, innovative mechanics and high playability. The company, which has self-published its titles since its inception, also offers publishing and production assistance to third-party projects. While interested in different products for the mass casual market, Enkord's focus is on casual games geared toward the male demographic, including action, arcade, shooter and strategy games. Learn more at www.enkord.com.


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