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Enjoy some old-fashioned interactive fiction on the Amstrad CPC and develop games like the old master Matthew Smith!


Boston, Lincs., UK - Feb 18 2005 - Cronosoft are pleased to announce yet more software for those aging computers.

Hot on the heels of Higgledy Piggledy for the ZX Spectrum, and Astro Nell for the Vic 20 are two titles not to be missed.

Yarkon Blues, by Jason Davis, is a good, old fashioned text adventure for the Amstrad CPC, in which you must guide our hero Rik McQuick (captain of the cargo ship Odour Eater II) through the strange world of Yarkon to escape with his mortal life. The game features all of the traditional interactive fiction gameplay that you'd expect and a Red Herring as well.

Platform Game Designer, by Jonathan Cauldwell, allows all budding game designers to develop their own titles for the ZX Spectrum. This neat utility will come in two flavours, allowing the creation of either 'Manic Miner' and 'Jet Set Willy' styled projects which can be saved out as stand alone and professional looking games - without the need of re-learning machine language!

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About Cronosoft

Set up at the end of 2002 to support computer systems that no longer seem commercially viable, Cronosoft run on a not for profit basis and have published many different titles for more than half a dozen platforms. With steady growth and strong assets, it has become a leader in a limited and niche marketplace.


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Retro Bytes PR works with a growing number of small not-for-profit and co-operative software publishers and developers to ensure the best possible publicity for the increasing number of high-quality homebrew software titles released today.


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