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Enjoy Playing Fruity Garden, Gathering Juicy Fruits and Scaring Away Funny Crows

BondarchukV today announces the release of Fruity Garden, a new unbelievably fun arcade game with outstanding cartoon graphic and music

For immediate release July 11, 2006 If you enjoy arcade games and cartoons, then chances are you will have fun playing Fruity Garden. This lovely and fascinating game is designed especially for all family. Fruity Garden has fun cartoon in-game environment. You play the part of Anna Maria whose Granny has given her a Fruity Garden as a present to take care of. Fruity Garden features an encouraging system: gathering fruits and defending garden from crows and hedgehogs yields rewards. You get paid for every saved or gathered fruit and gain a money bonus at the end of each action. The game is designed as an "intellectual clicker," it challenges you to be attentive and precise. For example, to get more points, try to gather only ripe fruits, when they are shaking, so you should wait a bit, but be sure to have time to gather the ripe fruits before they begin to rot. Caterpillars crawl out of fruit that has fallen down. Your objective is to get as much money as possible while gathering fruits and defending them from crows and hedgehogs. You can fight with 4 types of crows and a hedgehog. Each garden requires a certain sum on your score, and when you get enough money, you go to the next level and can buy the next garden with the increasing speed and more difficult tasks. You can see the statistics at the special bar at the bottom of the s creen. The bar shows how much fruits you should protect to complete the level. Fruity Garden lets you explore 6 diversely themed gardens: Granny Garden, Mountain Garden, Lake Garden, Castle Garden and City Garden. Fruit Garden pleases the eye with enchanting cartoons, pleasant scenery and animation effects. The game has two different modes, a usual and an easy mode. You can enjoy day and night time cycle. The full version of the game features 6 gardens, 4 different kinds of fruits, 4 amusing crows and a funny hedgehog. If you are looking for a nice game for all ages, Fruity Garden is the right choice. Fruity Garden has got the kid`s story book aesthetic, and is a charming thing, quite simple but "addictive". However the game has a certain amount of challenge. At high levels the game becomes more complicated and fast. Fruity Garden is really taking, the more your play, the more fascinated you are. Read more details about Fruit Garden at Download an evaluation version at Features at a Glance: - Outstanding cartoon graphic and music; - Day and night time cycle; - Unlimited fun gameplay; - Two distinctive game modes; - Six different gardens; - Four different kind of fruits; - Four amusing crows and a funny hedgehog. Fruity Garden Pricing and Availability Fruity Garden runs under Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP and costs $19.95 (USD). Additional information on Fruity Garden, as well as its functionally limited evaluation version is available from # # # An evaluation version of Fruity Garden is available for review purposes. Contact Vyacheslav Bondarchuk at for more information Product page link: Download link: (~10 Mb) E-mail: Company website: Contact: Vyacheslav Bondarchuk Company: BondarchukV Title: Chief Executive Officer E-mail:
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