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Enjoy music you love with MusicMagic™ Mixer

Xtra Media Launches MusicMagic™ Mixer for PC, Mac and Linux platforms - works with iPod and any other MP3 playerLinux platforms - works with iPod and any other MP3 player

Pick great selections of music with a single click!

Title: MusicMagicTM Mixer

Label: XtraMedia

Format: PC/Mac/Linux CD-ROM (single SKU)

SRP: £19.99

Barcode: 5060094400136

Release date: November 2005

Brighton - October 12th, 2005 - XtraMedia® today announced the launch of MusicMagicTM Mixer in the UK. This amazing desktop program works like a digital DJ. You tell it the music you like and MusicMagicTM Mixer will build you a compilation of tracks that sound similar.

Ask anyone with an MP3 player how many tracks they have in their library and they'll probably answer in the thousands - a 20Gb iPod can hold 5,000 tracks. Then ask how many tracks they regularly listen to and how they pick what to listen to. The answer will be hundreds of tracks that they chose pretty much randomly. It's almost impossible to keep track of all your songs and even harder to select music to match your mood.

MusicMagicTM Mixer is the answer. With one click you can now create brilliant playlists to suit any mood - based on the music you love.

You don't have to tell it which tracks you like the sound of because MusicMagicTM Mixer has already listened to and analysed 10 million tunes. It has a massive database of key musical attributes of songs including pace, sound and tone. MusicMagicTM Mixer will also analyse anything it doesn't already know while-u-wait-even tracks from garage bands or friends. It handles every kind of music-from pop to classical, indie to world music-seamlessly.

MusicMagicTM Mixer knows what makes songs similar, what makes them different, and why you would like or dislike them!

Creating a mix takes seconds. You just select the artists, albums, or tracks you like and MusicMagicTM Mixer will do the rest, picking music to match. You can then modify mixes further by adding multiple seed songs, artists or albums. You can even suggest tracks that you want your mixes to sound less or more like.

MusicMagicTM Mixer outputs standard .m3u playlist files - they're the same ones used by almost every MP3 player including iPods and Creative Labs players.

Using MusicMagicTM Mixer you will rediscover music you'd forgotten you even owned. You'll never be stuck for something to listen to again as this killer tool drills into your collection to bring you the right music for any mood. MusicMagicTM Mixer will even pick tracks with smooth transitions to make your mixes really rock. It's like your favourite DJ playing only the music you want to hear.

Plus, you can be the first to discover interesting new groups, as the Mixer will also recommend CDs for purchase based on your collection and tastes.

This exciting and unique piece of software is expected to retail for £19.99 and will be available through computer and music retailers throughout the UK.

Users can find out more about MusicMagicTM Mixer at www.xtramediasoft.com - a trial version for download is expected soon.


NOTE TO EDITORS: For additional information visit www.xtramediasoft.com or contact XtraMedia's press agency, Chaloner Associates via ruth@chaloner-associates.co.uk

About XtraMedia

XtraMedia is a new software publisher set up to discover smart, useful software and market it through traditional retail outlets. The first range will include Replay Radio - a program that enables users to record internet radio from all over the world. Replay Radio was recently nominated for the Radio Academy's 'Product of the Year' award. XtraMedia will deliver consumer value and a wide range of unique, useful software.

About Predixis

Predixis provides unique acoustic tagging technology that enables people and devices to discover and classify music by sound. Predixis MusicMagicTM software advances the state of the art for music programming for music stores, consumer desktops and mobile devices. The fast, efficient embedded MusicMagicTM engine features include instant "one-touch" playlist generation, non-random acoustic shuffles, and e-commerce enabled music search. Predixis' Web Services provides ongoing data support for consumer devices and related web sites. The Predixis solution expands consumer's ability to manage, enjoy, and grow their digital music collections. Predixis-Let Your Music PlayTM

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