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Engine Software acquires Licensed Wii(TM) Developer status

Ladies and gentlemen, Wii got it:

Doetinchem, October 24th 2007 - Engine Software, developer based in the Netherlands, today announces that Nintendo of America has approved the company as official Licensed Wii TM Developer. The Wii TM Developer license is the seventh consecutive Nintendo license that Engine Software has acquired, after being approved earlier for Nintendo DS TM , Game Cube TM , Gameboy Advance TM , Gameboy Color TM , Gameboy TM , and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Nintendo's WiiTM console, released first in November of last year, has had quite an impact on the games industry, and consumer demographic alike, and has been praised for its innovative technology and accessibility. Initial careful 3rd party support policies have been changed more recently due to the console's apparant success on the market. With the Licensed Developer approval Engine Software hopes to expand its field of work with the WiiTM platform in the near future.

Ruud van de Moosdyk, VP of Development at Engine Software: "We are very happy to have acquired the Wii Licensed Developer status, as this will open up new creative opportunities for our team, as well as new business opportunities for our company. In the last few months many of our clients have already inquired whether or not we support Wii development, so demand for developers is high. "

Engine Software has no development projects currently scheduled for the Nintendo WiiTM platform, but will be investigating the possibilities for WiiTMRetail, and WiiTMWare projects, while recreating its key technology on the new platform, including the licensable Music & Sound Replayer already available for Gameboy AdvanceTM and Nintendo DSTM.

About Engine Software

Engine Software B.V., based in Doetinchem, The Netherlands, is a highly experienced game development studio. Founded in 1995, the company pride themsleves on being the longest running game developer in the Netherlands. Engine Software has been developing games for over twelve years, and is dedicated to creating high quality games, now spanning over sixty commercially published titles. In the last few years the company has specialised in developing games for handheld systems such as GameBoyTM Advance, digiBlastTM, Nintendo DSTM, and Playstation® Portable (PSPTM).


Engine Software B.V.

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