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Emross War

The forces of chaos attack the iOS.

That is why iFree studio is proud to announce the launch of their new Massive Multiplayer iPhone app, Emross War. This action packed game will have you taking on the role of a young lord who's caught in the middle of a hostile invasion by the forces of chaos. Players will have thousands of hours of fun managing their burgeoning empire, and teaming up with their friends to become the top dog in all of Emross. Players will be able to choose from three different races, and research all the various methods of mayhem in each race's arsenal. Emross War has been designed to encourage alliances between friends, and has a detailed chat system as well as an active online community. The best part is the constant free updates that will always keep you running off on a new quest, or researching a secret weapon that will finally tip the scales of war in your favor.

Emross War is set to appeal to the millions of gamers out there who are looking for a fun in-depth game which can be played anywhere, and will stay interesting for years to come. iFree Studio is a studio run by gamers, for gamers and that might be the best reason of all to go experience the land of Emross. For more information about the game, please visit the official Emross War website at

About iFree Studio

iFree Studio is formed by a group of hardcore game players and crazy game developers, who always have tons of innovative ideas for making better games. Most members of us have had several years' experiences in developing and publishing MMO PC games in North America. But now as we are totally fascinated by the little handsets, we decide to create our own studio and focus on developing better mobile games.


iFree Studio

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