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Empires of Steel

Overview video available of Atomicboy Software's turn-based strategy effort.

Thursday, 31 July 2008

Today we are releasing a brand new video for the upcoming published strategy game of world conquest, Empires of Steel.

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Atomicboy Software game developer Brit Clousing narrates this newly released video for the upcoming turn based strategy game, Empires of Steel. This video showcases many core game functions such as how the simultaneous turn resolution system works, how to issue unit orders, researching new technologies and negotiating trade with other players. Other topics covered include an overview of the unique "Review & Replay" past turns feature as well as a brief introduction to the in-game player email function. Future videos are planned to cover other game features and innovations.

This developer narrated video is just over 3 minutes in length and is in mp4 format (24 MB).


Empires of Steel is a turn-based game of world conquest set in the 20th century. Players command various ground, armored, naval and air force units against up to 20 human or computer-controlled (Artificial Intelligence) opponents.

Empires of Steel will be published by in 2009 and you can find updated game info, screenshots, links to game videos and more on the Empires of Steel website located here:

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