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Empires of Steel

Other players' full game replays available for download and viewing, if there's nothing on telly this weekend.

01 July 2010 --- One of the (many) unique features of Empires of Steel are Full Game Replays, i.e. the ability to save and review an entire game from start to finish, and even share it with other players. For the currently running Empires-of-Steel-A-Thon tournament, we have just posted game replay files for the first three games of Round 1 for download. You can watch every player's move and see all the action unfold turn by turn

Click here to jump directly to the EOS-A-Thon tournament page =

Official game website =

Instructions for opening these files: go to "Single Player > View Old Game" and select the game to view.

Ownership of the Empires of Steel game is required to watch the replays.

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