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Empire Craft

New server launches, including the tantalising Purple Star Suit and Spectral Lion gifts.

Heroes of the not so distant past,

Years left the steps,it was blurred but steady. The past likes a gramophone,seems singing far away but so clear. Recall is the warm you can touch with your hands,and that is what we ever experienced together in EC land. Our passions and dreams are there. Now,it is time for us to pick up our honor and courage to come back to EC land. Here all we are waiting for you.

The door to the last remaining part of the old world of S25 (Ver 1.9) is expected to open onat 4:00 A.M. Jan. 5th, 2011 You will be able to sign up 10 minutes prior to the server opening to give you a head start, at

The event last from 5 th Jan to 19 th Jan in 2011 , if you would like to join us once more, we’ve stocked up rewards for you to claim,all those gift worth 130$ in value and a purple suit for you to claim. Specially the attractive Spectral Lion (it can’t get in current version) and purple star suit are prepared for the old players.


Spectral Lion is a mount which can’t get in current version any more. This mount is designed in order to the welcoming of old players. And the improvement of your STR is the special character of few mounts in EC land. Let’s expect its appearance soon.

Here are details of the event and gifts we’ve selected for your arrival :

1.         Every players can get a gift we prepared each day by simply login into game during the event :

2.         The old players who got our e-mail simply enter the game can get gift like this:

Diamond Card(10)×2+ Empire Coupon×2+ Builder Queue(7 days)×1+ Soldier Queue(1 day) ×1+ Soldier Manual(1 day) ×1

3.  House warming gifts when the old players who got our e-mail reach population to 100;

High Output(7 days) ×1+Overlord Coupon×2+ Soldier Manual(1 day) ×1

4.  House warming gifts when the old players who got our e-mail reach population to 300;

Spectral Lion+ purple star suit(lv.20)


Star suit is a purple suit with requirement lv21~28 and secondary attribute. As we all know, it is a extraordinary promotion for your hero when get them. So,if you want it ,come on with us right now to get it.


1.         All rewards will be given the following day upon which players fulfilled the requirement, unless specified.

2.         To receive the welcome back reward, you will need to used this e-mail address when signing up. The sign up will also need to be done within days of event

3.         The rewards for old players are given on 6 th Jan, 9 th Jan, 12 th Jan, 16 th Jan and 20 th Jan. Players are only eligible for each reward once during event.

On top of the extra perks, there will be more server opening event for everyone who joins S25. more details available on our official website

More Empire Craft Features:

- Full Feature Browser Based RTS + RPG

- Multi-player, compete against thousands of people from around the world

- Huge medieval fantasy game world with thousands of rewarding quests

- Three distinct races and thousands of quests

- Hero system with extensive RPG elements

- Completely browser-based, no downloads required, and free to play

- Playable via Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera

- Regular major content updates

About OPI Game

Oak Pacific Interactive (OPI) Game is one of the largest and

pioneering browser-game developers and operators in China. It has

developed a series of outstanding Browser-based Games with its highly

innovative technology and superb marketing capability. Games by OPI

include: Neverland Online, Three Kingdom Warriors, Empire Craft, King

and Conqueror and Age of Ocean.



Oak Pacific Interactive established as an interactive

platform to bring its games to all over the world. It was launched on

May 2009 to provide interactive community services including game

forums and social networking. As of January 2010, the platform has

attracted over 15million players worldwide.


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