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Empire Craft

New mounts include the "Volcano Rabbit". Like a normal rabbit, but more fiery.

Empire Craft


1.       A Variety of Mount

After several releases, more and more types of mounts have been added to the game. Originally just starting with the basic Destrier, our selection of mounts has grown with the game to become a truly great feature. So come check it out and upgrade your hero and their mounts to outrageous levels.

Storm Wing increases 70% movement speed. The tooltip will reveal: lord Name, I swear my allegiance to you my Master.

Sled: a particular mount for New Year, Speed + 100% and STR + 15.

Phoenix: Reborn from the ever burning ashes, some people doubt that it can ever be tamed. Speed increase +100%.

Volcano Rabbit: A kind of auspicious symbol in EC, Speed +90%,Speed +50

And so on .

2.       The Powerful Training Center

The Training Center is where the mounts are trained to promote the speed. The trained mounts could increase 40% speed on the original speed. For Example, the original speed of the Phoenix is 100% and the upper limit of speed would be 140% if the players trained it in the Training Center.

The players upgrade the mounts would consume the Training Token, which would consume certain Training Token by promoting 1%. The players could complete the daily quests and gain the Training Token.

The players could check the details in the following picture:

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