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Empire Craft

Incomparable Heroes introduced in Empire Craft. Just don't try to compare them to anything.

This is an orange hero with the orange equipments of lv30. You must be wondering about what is the promotion will be brought from the outstanding power. Let’s have a look.

Simultaneously, eminent suit will improve heroes stupendous ability. Here also release some orange suits which will attract the players’ eyes. The bonus of some suits like these, with them your heroes must be more powerful easily.

 The orange heroes are more than rare, its own ability is outstanding for all players to desire and brings a great promotion in battles. If you get one, the hero must be a stupendous improvement and is also worth to collect in EC.

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About OPI Game

Oak Pacific Interactive (OPI) Game is one of the largest and

pioneering browser-game developers and operators in China. It has

developed a series of outstanding Browser-based Games with its highly

innovative technology and superb marketing capability. Games by OPI

include: Neverland Online, Three Kingdom Warriors, Empire Craft, King

and Conqueror and Age of Ocean.



Oak Pacific Interactive established as an interactive

platform to bring its games to all over the world. It was launched on

May 2009 to provide interactive community services including game

forums and social networking. As of January 2010, the platform has

attracted over 15million players worldwide.



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