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Retro 2D shooter given a graphical overhaul and - our gran will be pleased to learn - a "pumping trance soundtrack".

Neo Retro 2D shooter Emotigeddon has received a graphical and musical overhaul. The game's graphics have been vastly improved, and a pumping trance soundtrack has been added.

Emotigeddon is an incredibly fast paced adrenaline packed 2D side-scrolling shooter set in a digital world called Electopia. Its inhabitants are the emoticons used by people in their instant messaging conversations. Recently, people have started using too many unhappy smiley faces, and the unhappy faces have grown strong. The unhappy faces have begun taking over the happy faces, and sadness and anger have spread throughout Electopia. It is emoticon armageddon.

Players assume the role of the leader of the Happy rebellion, and their mission is to restore balance by fighting the unhappy faces. The players have powerful weaponry at their disposal with which to restore the balance.

Rhys Griffiths, Game Director at Heatbeam Software said: “The new character art looks fantastic, it really brings the emoticons to life. The music helps complement the adrenaline packed action. It's great when the music reaches a climax just as you're in the midst of an really frantic battle, it sends shivers down my spine. The game is a much more immersive experience now."

To complement Emotigeddon's new lick of paint, the gameplay has also been tweaked in order to appeal to a broader range of gamers: the grappling hook has been made considerably easier to use and additionally difficulty settings have been added.

“The game is now much more accessible," added Griffiths. “the grappling hook is easier to use, which will make moving around like a lunatic even more fun. The easier difficulty settings allow a wider range of players to enjoy the game to its fullest. The new extra hard mode should challenge even the most hardcore players, and the easier modes will let the more casual player enjoy the game as well.”

To check out the new version of the game visit http://www.heatbeam.com

About Heatbeam Software

Heatbeam Software develops games for the PC, with plans to move into development for handheld devices, such as the iPhone. Heatbeam Software aims to make innovative and unique games, with a special focus on adrenaline filled action games. Created in September 2008, Heatbeam has currently released just one game, Emotigeddon. Currently Heatbeam Software publishes all of its own games and uses online distribution.


Aldwyn Rhys Griffiths

Director (Heatbeam Software LTD)

E-Mail: rhys.griffiths@heatbeam.com

Tel: +44 0208 777 6389


Product: Emotigeddon

Developer: Heatbeam Software

Platform: PC

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