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3rd July 2007 (London, United Kingdom) - XLEAGUE.TV has announced the cult gaming icon Emily Booth will present and front XLEAGUE.TV.

The addition of Ms. Booth to the XLEAGUE.TV Presenting Team is due to the increasing number of XLEAGUE.TV Community members stating how much they would like to see more of Emily. So to please our members, XLEAGUE.TV can confirm that Emily will be working and presenting on XLEAGUE.TV's Flagship Show "The Match" in conjunction with our other presenters Paul Vale and Warren Pole.

Emily herself is very keen to prove that gaming can make its name within the broadcasting world. "Gaming is a huge industry now. It's getting much more exciting in terms of the capabilities of next generation machines such as XBox 360 and PS3. What once used to be FMV scenes within a game is now actual gameplay - games are looking as good as an animated movie! It's time that TV woke up to the fact that this is now a huge part of entertainment, especially with online gaming getting bigger and bigger. I feel quite proud that people think I can be a part of it all."

So what can gamers expect from Emily on XLEAGUE.TV? "I'm going to be one of the presenters on 'The Match' where I'll be plucking the brains of game industry experts and the gamers themselves before and after we showcase tournament play from various games."

XLEAGUE.TV launched with a website and television channel on Sky Channel 291 in Mid May, providing gamers with the chance to compete in online leagues and tournaments, plus appear on television showcasing their skills. So what does Emily think of XLEAGUE.TV? "Its doing something quite bold and progressive - there have been games review shows before - like 'Bits' and GamesMaster, which also introduced the idea of competitive gaming - but XLEAGUE.TV provides a whole new platform. Gamers can battle it out for money and feel a sense of achievement for all the hours of gaming they put in. These guys take their skills seriously and so do we - we're looking at them as sports stars - or rather eSports stars!"

Don't miss out and tune into Sky Channel 291 for pure competitive gaming at its best, on TV and online at www.XLEAGUE.TV. Pictures of Emily Booth are available upon request.

For more information on XLEAGUE.TV please contact Lee Catania - Marketing Manager - 0207 308 5271 or lee.catania@nasnet..co.uk


XLEAGUE.TV is the UK's first dedicated gaming television channel launched on Sky Channel 291 and online at www.XLEAGUE.TV is part of Portland Enterprises Ltd. Portland Enterprises is the broadcasting arm of Northern & Shell plc.

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