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Emil Chronicle Online

Community bonding assured.

30th July 2009 – After the closed beta, players of Emil Chronicle Online managed to experience the convenience to community bonding within.

Within this Free to Play MMORPG, Emil Chronicle Online, players were given a huge variety of methods to communicate and to search for different players that shares a common objective.

How can a free MMORPG survive without whisper? Of course, Emil Chronicle Online do come with a allow whisper. Above there is also an in-game mailing system whereby players get to communicate with each other even they are offline. It is also an important tool to communicate with GM as whispers tend to be overwritten by the new messages thus these mails can be retained and replied once a GM solved the previous case.

One interesting communication system would be the balloon billboard. Players can create a message and have hovered above player’s head. It is a great way to convey a message without the need of keep typing out the message again. The billboard can also be set to view by a specific character.

There is also an inbuilt messenger to view friend’s job, current location and status whether they are busy or away from keyboard. Communication with friends had never been so easy with such thorough messenger for players to keep track what their friends are doing.

The next communication method would be the seeking system. Seeking system opens up a page within the game to show what other players are actually looking for. The list goes down to guild recruitment, party search, purchasing of a specific item and request for information. Once a post is created, players can sit back and relax while waiting for reply without the need of repeating what they are looking for in the chatbox. A unique tool which specifies players’ requirements and objective without any hassle.

A game without Emotions would be boring. Emil Chronicle Online allows characters to show their emotions through simple commands. These unique character emotions expressed through typing of commands or using shortcut keys. Once these commands are used, the characters produce emotions which made players feel as if they are reading a comic.

Emil Chronicle Online had provided convenient and unique community platform for players to enjoy their adventurous journey as well as community building and socializing. With fully customizable interface and strong community building tools, players’ journey in Emil Chronicle Online will be more than just exciting MMORPG.

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