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Emil Chronicle Online

All about the possession system.

13th August 2009 - Emil Chronicle Online is a free to play MMORPG operated by Run Up Game. Being the only known game to come with possession system provides an ease to players leveling up.

Possession System

Possession system is a unique feature in Emil Chronicle Online which allows players to convert into items to be used by friends or pickup by strangers. Possessed equipments tend to be stronger and combat effective compared to ordinary equipment.

A character can have a choice of 4 different types of possession, left hand, right hand, armor and accessories.

As a player becomes possessed equipment, they are able to log out of game and continue to earn experience as their friend uses the equipment for leveling. In Emil Chronicle Online, it is all about team work and friends. Leveling will never be a problem as long as friends are there to help each other.

Benefits of the Possession System

- Character holding the possessed equipment has an advantage during combats providing an ease to quest and level

- Possessed equipment will not be damaged

Features in State of Possession

- Characters in the state of possession are able chat

- Even when characters are in the state of possession, they still can cast skills

- Possessed character will still receive damage

- Consumes more MP

- Characters holding possessed equipments will not be able to use marionette

- Once possessed equipment’s HP reaches zero, the possession will be cancelled.

- Characters in the state of possession will still receives experience even when they log out of game.

Possession Conditions

- Level difference cannot be higher than 30

- Dead characters will not be able to use the possession system

- Characters with overloaded bag are not able to use possession system

Emil Chronicle Online has recently ended their closed beta. To find out more about Emil Chronicle Online, visit the official website.

Official Website:

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