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Facial animation system announced.

“Our next-generation of Embody products provide a flexible facial motion capture pipeline that is designed for use in the demanding production environments of games and film,” said Adam Kraver, president of CaptiveMotion.  “ Embody makes it easy to produce extremely high quantities of facial animation while still providing exceptional detail, and it is possible to go from a mocap session to finished animation in under five days.”

Announcing Embody Capture HMR - Available Now

Embody Capture HMR is CaptiveMotion’s premier head-mounted facial motion capture system. It is compact, portable, and designed to be used in nearly any environment, from a motion capture stage to an office desk.  It provides greatly increased fidelity compared to their previous facial motion capture systems and is able to track over 1500 markers.  It is capable of recording and storing over eight hours of capture without interruption.  Multiple Embody Capture HMR devices can capture simultaneously with a full-body motion capture system, allowing multiple facial and full-body captures to occur at once.  Embody Capture HMR is available for rental or purchase.

Announcing Embody Animation - Available Now

Embody Animation is a powerful suite of plug-ins for integrating, retargeting, and refining facial motion capture animation.  Embody Animation can be used to retarget a motion capture animation directly to a character mesh or to a bone rig that drives a character mesh.  Both methods produce high quality animations that retain the subtle detail captured in the motion capture animation.  Advanced skinning tools make the retargeting quick and easy.  Target Shapes allow the animation to be adjusted to match the unique features of the character mesh.  With Embody Animation, a full day’s worth of motion capture animation can be applied to a character mesh in a single day.

Announcing the Free Embody Trial

CaptiveMotio n’s free, full-featured Embody Trial provides the Embody Animation plug-ins along with sample motion capture animation, example projects, and tutorials.  A sign-up form for the Embody Trial can be found at

About CaptiveMotion

CaptiveMotion LLC ( has been providing industry-leading facial motion capture products and services for over five years.  Their Embody products and services provide an end-to-end solution for capturing and integrating high-quality facial animation into any project.

For more information about CaptiveMotion and its products, please visit or contact:

Mark Carson

(480) 899-6222


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