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Emap exits games media as Nintendo license goes to Future

Media group Emap has become the latest player to exit the videogames media sector in the UK, with Nintendo announcing that it has given the license to produce its official magazine to rival publishing group Future.

The first issue of the new Nintendo Official Magazine (NOM) will be published by Future in February, bringing to an end twelve years in which Emap was the company behind the publication.

In recent years NOM has been the only videogames title published by Emap - and was the only officially licensed magazine not to be produced by Future, which currently holds the Xbox and PlayStation official licenses.

Future is a dominant force in print videogames publishing in the UK, with a market share sufficiently large that the government's Competition Commission intervened when the firm attempted to buy smaller rival Highbury's portfolio - the deal eventually proceeded without the videogames magazines.

"As Nintendo continues to revolutionise the world of gaming, we felt it was time to re-evaluate Nintendo Official Magazine and see what other publishers had to offer," commented Nintendo UK marketing director Dawn Paine.

"We are very pleased to have Future on board with us," she continued. "Their experience in the magazine industry, particularly in the video games sector, is undoubtedly a great benefit. Emap Active has done a fantastic job over the last twelve years and we wish them every success in the future."

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