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New and ‘coming soon’ games available for preview

Thursday 26 August 2004/... elkware, Europe's leading mobile phone game developer, has today announced a fantastic new collection of games, including its glamorous new celebrity 'CellEB' range.

New titles available to preview:

X-Files: The Deserter

A mysterious brutal murder and no traces left behind - it seems like you have just opened another X-File... Players guide Mulder and Scully through a graphic adventure full of unexpected events, mind challenging puzzles and unearthly surroundings, providing hours of mystery-solving fun.

Pamela Anderson: Exposed!

Pamela is imprisoned behind a wall of bricks. Guide the paddle so that the ball doesn't leave the screen and destroy the wall to set Ms. Anderson free. In return, she will give you some special sneak peeks of herself...

BLUE: The Band Revealed!

The guys from Blue are playing hide and seek behind some screens. To get a look at them, play the slot machine. Guess if the next random number from 0 to 9 will be higher or lower and if you win, one screen will be removed. If you lose, all screens will reappear. After uncovering one picture, you proceed to the next one.

Coming soon preview titles - test drive these preview games in our 'coming soon' area from your b2b account:


Ever since you've been driving for the city's biggest crime-lord the cops can't sleep at night. Anarchy is ruling the streets and no bank is safe anymore. You have to accomplish numerous brutal missions, buy weapons and create chaos turning the city into a battlefield.

Capital Prime

Life is not easy as a founder of an alien-colony: crowded streets, displeased alien-citizens, permanent lack of money and devastating catastrophes make your life a living hell. Can you build up a degenerated place to a blooming idyllic colony with a high quality of life? Capital Prime is a complex simulation which offers you the opportunity to create and build up your own personal alien colony. Chose the Endless mode for unlimited game play or accomplish missions in the campaign.

John Sinclair

Famous ghost hunter John Sinclair is on his mission to exterminate evil. But not by praying - by slaying! With his purpose-built weapons, the holy cross, the Beretta and the Bolt-Gun, he fights his way through dark basement vaults full of Zombies, Ghouls and Werewolves. Stand by John to find an exit out of this limbo in an action shooter of the creepy kind.

UK media ââ'¬â€œ for further information or to set up a b2b preview account please contact:

Deborah Coster / Emma Cowie @ Barrington Harvey

T: +44 (0)1462 456780

E: /


European media ââ'¬â€œ for further information please contact:

Dieter Marchsreiter / Peter Steinlechner @ Between Us! Marketing, PR & more

T: +49 (0)89-454578-13 / -17



USA media ââ'¬â€œ for further information please contact:

Kit Ellis @ Kohnke Communications

T: +1 415 777 4000



About elkware:

elkware GmbH, headquartered in Hamburg/Wedel, was established in 1994 and is a leading global developer of games for mobile phones. elkware has maintained a successful working relationship with all known national and international mobile phone manufacturers and service providers. elkware has, among other projects, published games like "Anno 1503", "Playmatrix", "Formel BMW Racing Game 2003" and "MTV Music Quiz". As of now, elkware offers the largest portfolio of J2ME games for all popular end devices worldwide.

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