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ELITEGROUP COMPUTER SYSTEMS UK LTD (ECS) Supply the Worlds No.1 Dual Graphic Engines Motherboards

Elitegroup Computer Systems has announced a complete line of motherboards featuring Dual Graphic Engines.


EMBARGO: noneMilton Keynes, England, 29th November 2004

Dual Graphic Engines enable a 'multi-graphics' concept. Two engines work together in one system to generate a dual 3D graphics display. The 'Dual Graphic Engines' solution delivers dramatic efficiency, productivity and usability benefits supporting simultaneous display on up to four devices!

The new architecture solves the latest dilemma of choosing between the mainstream AGP 8X technology and the new technology - PCI-Express x16, increasing a motherboards' flexibility and a products upgrade ability. A more affordable upgrade path allows users to stagger their purchases, by upgrading the motherboard and processor while keeping their existing AGP graphics card and adding a new PCI-Express card at a later date.

Dual Graphic Engines motherboards are tailor-made for users that want to display MORE on their screen. Based on the multi-tasking concept promoted by Microsoft, Intel and AMD, the Dual Graphic Engines concept delivers tangible productivity benefits demanded by today's PC buyers, saving time and reducing frustration by reducing the requirement for 'drag and drop' among multiple windows on a single screen

According to a research from Microsoft, by using multi-monitor for standard tasks, office, window management and switching between documents, it is estimated that users will notice a 20 to 50 percent productivity gain.

The new Dual Graphic Engines are also capable of delivering dual display in 3D graphic applications. With most dual monitor graphics cards, only the main monitor channel can be used to run 3D applications such as games and DVD's. For users that wish to run 3D applications over multiple monitors, this new technology can be utilised - Two graphics cards, an AGPX8 and a PCI Express card, can be used in parallel to generate full 3D graphics on two separate displays, harnessing the full 3D potential of the graphics cards.

Whether corporate or consumer, 21st century PCs are now multi-display, multimedia devices and ECS Dual Graphic Engines motherboards are what will drive this contemporary revolution in PC functionality and performance.

ECS's new range of Dual Graphic Engine Products will be rolled out during the first quarter of 2005.

ECS Dual Graphic Engines Solutions

Intel Platform

Socket 775 Premium

915G-A (915G, PCIEX16 or GMA900 +AGP Express)

915P-A (915P, PCIEX16 +AGP Express)

915-A (915GV, GM900 +PCIE Lite +AGP Express)

RS400-A (RS400, X300SE +PCIEx16)

Socket 775 & 478 Mainstream

915-M5 (915GV, GMA900 +PCIE Lite)

661FX-A7 (661FX, AGP 8x or embedded _PCIE Lite)

RS400-M (RS400, X300SE +PCIEx16)

Socket 478 Value

845GV-M3 (845GV, IEGT +AGP Express)

AMD Platform

Socket 939 Premium

RX480-A (RX480, PCIEX16 +TV-Out)

756-A (756, PCIEX16 +AGP Express)

RS480-M (RS480, X300SE +PCIEX16)

Socket 754 Mainstream

760GX-A3 (760GX, Mirage2 or AGP 8x _PCIE Lite)

Socket 462 Value

741GX-M3 (741GX, Mirage or AGP 8x +PCIE Lite)

About PCI Express Lite

PCI Express Lite is a patented ECS design. It's not only an expansion of PCI-E x16 graphics card capabilities, but also supports the multi-display function. With this innovation, a motherboard can be supporting a PCI-E x16 graphics card to experience pleasure and productivity benefits of multi-display to expand their available workspace.

About AGP Express

AGP Express is a patented ECS design delivering the backward compatibility for the VGA interface. Chipsets including the 915P, 915GV, 910GL, 865GV and 845GV, were originally designed without AGP 8x graphics card support, but with this ECS innovative technical breakthrough, standard AGP 8x is now available on these platforms.

About Intel GMA 900

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 (Intel® GMA 900 graphics) the graphics subsystem in an integrated solution, delivers over 1.5 times faster performance than previous Intel graphics. It is designed to take full advantage of the power that an Intel® Pentium® 4 processor brings to a PC and utilizes system memory for both system and graphics usage, balancing both usages for optimal performance.

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For further information on ECS Motherboards that support the Dual graphics engine, please contact ECS Elitegroup 08701 205370 or visit the Website at

Members of the press

To further information or interviews with key ECS personnel, please contact Kerri Chard at The PR Room:

Tel + 44 (0) 870 420 8130

Fax + 44 (0) 870 420 8131

Mobile + 44 (0) 7779 584 799


About ECS

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) is the world's leading producer of motherboards, with production reaching 24 million units in 2002. Dedicated to driving the New PC Era, ECS has concentrated on broadening its product range.

Founded in 1987, ECS, the long known "king of motherboards" is headquartered in Taiwan with operations in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. In June 2003, ECS was selected for two years in a row for Business Week Magazine's exclusive Information Technology 100 list (50th place in 2003 and 8th in 2002). In the category of Computer and peripherals, ECS is ranked the world's 12th and leading other Taiwanese based motherboard manufacturers.

ECS Mission Statement

ECS is committed to delivering high quality goods at competitive prices, while also insuring a stable supply of products for our long-term customers. The core missions of ECS include:

  • Deliver affordable personal computing solutions for global market to enrich human life.
  • World leading supplier of Motherboard, Desktop and Notebook PC.
  • Drive the new PC Era through Innovation and Integration.

ECS' widely acclaimed research and development team, close relationships with major component suppliers, flexible production capabilities and state of the art manufacturing facilities add up to cutting edge products that reach the market at the peak of customer demand. The ECS website can be found at

About The PR Room

Launched in January 2004, The PR Room is a fresh, innovative and hard working public relations agency. The PR Room is headed up by Sarah Chard, whose experience, creativity and knowledge has seen her enjoy nearly a decade of successes in IT public relations.

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