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Facebook puzzler now on the iPhone too.

Kobojo, leading developer in France has recently launched ElementZ in the App Store. ElementZ has already become a popular game on Facebook as part of the GooBox mini-games collection, and it has already achieved its first milestone on Apple iPhone™ and Apple iPod touch®: it has claimed the exclusive number one spot in the App Store in its country of origin.

ElementZ belongs to the category of match-3 puzzle games and has enough features, incredible game-play, and visually stunning eye candy to set it apart. The objective of ElementZ is to swap adjacent orbs of the same color by sliding them with your fingertip in order to form alignments of three or more orbs in an attempt to remove as many as possible. Special effects galore is achieved by aligning four orbs, giving you power orbs, and aligning five orbs unleashes the elements. ElementZ features three modes of play: Blitz mode is considered the classic mode where your objective is to cause as much damage as possible within a four minute timeframe. Endurance mode focuses on speed and skill, while time is not a factor; and finally, ElementZ features a training mode where time and speed are obsolete but unleashing the most impressive combos is the key to success. Bonus features include the ability to connect with your account on Facebook to compare your score with other players.

ElementZ on Facebook has more than 400.000 fans and is played over 2 million times each day. Since its launch through Facebook in the GooBox mini-games collection, ElementZ has been played by more than 12 million users.

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ElementZ is available for purchase on the App Store here:

Information about the mini-games collection, GooBox, is available at:

Developer website:

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