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Elements of War

Open beta test now open to those outside of Russia.

Moscow, Russia, 9th of July, 2010 - Playnatic Entertainment is glad to inform, that English Beta for client F2P MMORTS title “Elements of War” is available for downloading. While we’re at Playnatic Entertainment negotiating to find a dedicated Partner for the Game abroad, we’ve started OBT in Russian speaking regions and think it’s fair to let Players from other countries to join beta for this great game already now.

«Elements of War» is a modern RTS with two full-fledged modes: an online f2p mode with micro transactions, which is on OBT in Russia and CIS and offline mode, which will be released later this year.

Players will be engaged into epic battles both highly detailed in animation and realistic in physics, where tactical map reaches up to 4 km2. Emergent gameplay allows players to take the role of Russian or U.S. forces in the online campaign and restore peace and order at all 50 states, which were seriously destroyed after unsuccessful experience of natural forces weapon at the secret laboratories, that have caused civil disorders.

The wide range of weapon and vehicles are available for Players: both realistic modern day models from NATO countries and Russia, as tanks ?-90 and Abrams, V-generation military planes F-22 «Raptor» and T-50 “PAK FA”, helicopters Mi-28 and Apache and futuristic weather weapon “Elementals”, which generate forces of nature controlled in direction.

To take a part in the wide scale military battles between Armies of US and Russia, please, register at website of the Title and download the Client.

Site of the project:

About Playnatic:

Playnatic was founded in 2008 and consists of industry professionals with proved experience at Game Industry, including MMOGs.

The business activity includes publishing, localization and operating within CIS (Russian speaking territories) and development for online games and web-projects.

For business co-operation, please contact:

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