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Elements of War

Lesta Studio's RTS to be launched in Taiwan by Namco Bandai Partners Taiwan Ltd.

Moscow, Russia, December, 20 th, 2010 ???? . – Playnatic Entertainment and Namco Bandai Partners Taiwan Ltd. are announcing the signature of the Licensing Agreement for publishing of Elements of War single player campaign for Taiwan. The Game is one of the most anticipated products from Russian game developers in the outgoing year 2010 is created by Lesta Studio in co-operation with Playnatic Ent. and has been awarded with “Prize of the Press” on the main Russian event for Game Industry, “KRI 2010” (Russian GDC) and has achieved high ratings from leading Russian Game Media.

«Publishing of Elements of War on Taiwan - is the next step in our global strategy to make the game available for players World Wide and we’re sure that Namco Bandai Partners Taiwan is the one of the best Partners for the territory. We’re expecting Taiwanese players will estimate at the best the advanced quality of the Russian Game development Industry, whom undoubtedly belong Elements of War. », - said the Head of the International Business for Playnatic Entertainment , Inna Moroz.

The deal was also commented by William Wang, Managing Director at Namco Bandai Partners Taiwan Ltd.: «We are glad to represent Element of War in our market. With dedication from both parties in localizing this game to Traditional Chinese, trust it will be a successful title to our Chinese-speaking gamers. ».

The release of localized into Traditional Chinese version is aimed for beginning of 2011.

About Elements of War:

 “Elements of War” is a modern RTS with two full-fledged modes: an online mode allowing you to take part in an MMORTS, and an offline mode that lets you play through single player missions. The game sets during a global man-made disaster that resulted from the use of experimental climatic weapons by the U.S. military, which has destroyed Washington and buried the government under its ruins. It also triggered earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes around the globe that is threatening to destroy civilization. A European expeditionary force is sent to the USA to investigate and eliminate the source of the catastrophe…

Players will engage into epic battles up to 4 square kilometers both highly detailed in animation and realistic in physics. Emergent gameplay allows players to take the role of joint American, Russian and European forces in the offline campaign, and Russian or U.S. forces in the online F2P mode. Players will also enjoy numerous types of missions, upgrade for units both real-life as tanks T-90, Abrams and Leopard, 5 th generation  military aircrafts F-35 «Lightning II» and T-50 «PAK FA», helicopters Mi-28 and Apache,  as well as futuristic “Elemental” units, which generate forces of nature directed by man and much, much more.

Graphic of the Game practically doesn’t have analogues within current RTS titles: models of the solders and weapon are accurately perform the real prototypes and advance physical model makes the game process amazingly realistic.

The Game will be released on PC platform.

Website of the project:

About Playnatic Entertainment:

Playnatic Entertainment is a dynamically growing company engaged in the development, publishing and localization of online games and web projects. The primary goal of Playnatic is to create and bring to the market original products that will be found interesting and engaging by the players. The product line of Playnatic Entertainment currently includes six online projects, five of which are MMO games.

Playnatic Entertainment was founded in 2008 as a daughter company of the Parta Group, comprising of professionals with many years of experience in the game industry and a huge portfolio of successfully developed projects.

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About Lesta Studio

Lesta Studio is a full service game development and video production company. Since 1991 Lesta studio has proofed to be a leader on the CIS market in the field of visual effects for film and video games in Russia.

The specialist of the studio develop state of the art game projects, which meet all modern standards of the Market through implementing of innovative technologies of the Video Games Development

Lesta Studio has succeeded in the development of Games for PC, game consoles of the last generation, casual and social games.

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