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Electrotank - Electroserver ES5

ES5 to power real time action in Unity3D

Montreal, Canada – Nov. 11, 2010 – Aeria Games, a leading worldwide publisher of interactive entertainment, and Aquiris Game Studio, a pioneer in game development using the Unity engine, have selected ElectroServer 5 to power the real-time multiplayer action of their upcoming cross-platform first-person shooter MMO.

The announcement marks a major breakthrough in the free to play browser MMO market and for ElectroServer5, the cross-platform high-performance game server from Electrotank Inc. ElectroServer powers some of the most popular Flash-based MMOs and virtual worlds and is now fast making inroads in the Unity community.

“ElectroServer is a proven solution for real-time multiplayer games and has been great to work with,” said Aquiris CTO Mauricio Longoni. “Compared to other available tools, ElectroServer provided at lot more built-in tools and is much more flexible.”

Aquiris announced the game, which pits players against each other in fast-paced gunfights, at the Unity Unite conference in Montreal during an address by Mr. Longoni. The free-to-play title is playable across both PC and Mac platforms, with a browser-based version to be released shortly after the game’s official launch.

“Aquiris chose ElectroServer5 after thoroughly testing and comparing it to other multiplayer server options and we’re thrilled that they did,” said Electrotank CEO Michael Gold. “Nothing is more rewarding to the Electrotank engineering team than a top-notch studio leveraging the power of our technology to build an amazing game.”

About Electrotank

Electrotank is a leading provider of development technology for real-time multi-player games, MMOs, and virtual worlds in the browser and on mobile devices. For nearly a decade, Electrotank has pioneered some of the most powerful concepts in game development technology, from ElectroServer,  the high performance game socket server for Flash, Unity3d, iPhone and Android, to the Electrotank Universe Platform, a full-featured and highly extensible system architecture for developing social games, MMOs, and virtual worlds in Flash and Unity3D. Clients include Neopets, WebKinz, Meez, SpinMaster, Mattel, Disney, Pixar,MTV, Nickelodeon,and ComedyCentral, among others. Visit us on


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