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Electronic Arts trademarks 90's IP

Populous, Road Rash, Theme Park, Wing Commander all registered this month

Electronic Arts has filed trademarks suggesting a possible return for four big hits from the 1990's.

As spotted by superannuation, trademarks for Populous, Theme Park, Road Rash and Wing Commander have all been filed this month.

Yesterday, boss of EA's Bright Light studio in the UK, Harvey Elliot, revealed he was keen to reassess old Bullfrog properties such as Theme Park and Populous, stating, "I'm going to look at them at some point, I think there's an opportunity to bring those back in the future, but only if it's right for the time and not just a 'remake' or something."

EA bought Bullfrog and its properties in 1995, and also snapped up Origin Systems and its Wing Commander series early in the decade. Road Rash is an original EA property, and has been rumoured to be in line for a remake for some time.

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