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WLTM enthusiastic pre-alpha testers.


Registration / Application: Become part of the "Airborne Flying Wild Asses" - Registration ends on Sunday the 13th of Feb. 24 h GMT


The test players should have experiences with online browser strategy games. They will need to fill in an application-form and take part in the alpha testers forum. All selected alpha testers will be looked after through the team including regular chats in the forum with the programming / development team.

The official Elarien - alpha release will be playable from the 25th of January 2011 onwards. The registration process will end on the 13th of February.  Access to the forum will be granted straight after acceptance. The Elarien Alpha Server will be in English and an international set-up with gamers from all over the planet. Regional and localised servers will follow after the official release.

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Elarien - What is it about?


Elarien is yet a better free strategy MMOG due to be released in spring 2011. The lovely illustrated world of Elarien (an elvish name) is based on islands above / in the sky among them Filled with outstanding character units  the flying wild ass (flying donkey -  a pegasus half breed ) and besides the best practice strategy features like e.g. building an empire, plundering/farming, real time battles, trading etc.  Elarien sets focus on the cooperation of it's players: Islands with community productions buildings (if increased all villages / players on the island will profit), alliances with own islands including own alliance buildings and the possibility of combining it's armies to one force for gigantic battles. Plus furthermore: Every Island votes for an Island leader among the players settling on it, he is the only one able to ad new island buildings for the benefit of all (e.g. Goldmine). Even if building are not always unique, the description will be in Elarian for example

Houses: "All ordinary people like me live in sh.t holes like this. Build of cheap materials and by dodgy builders. If you still need one of these then get ready to become a bank's slave and pay an absolutely ridiculous mortgage for your entire live or what's left of it. You are the only one who the people trust to make their lives less miserable. Please master do something and make this houses worth the pain."

Barracks:"The Best wages of all, the prettiest women in town, three-course meal four times a day and loads of brandy. What else can you ask for? And all that for a small peace of bravery. The barracks are calling for you boy ;) Come to us and get these rusty weapons ready to shine again soldier!"

The final release of Elarien in spring will also offer connecting through FaceBook and a mobile phone version (e.g. iPhone)


Chance to take part in the development process The Elarien browser is not supposed to be a  one-time release. The Elarien donkey business will have at regular intervals expansion packages released.  Ideas and suggestions of game improvement from the test players will be rewarded continuously.

Who are these nurus?


nurusoft is a start-up software design factory founded by group of experienced, skilled it-technicians, creative programmers and visual-artists embedded in a pan-European network (UK, Bulgaria, Germany). The companies main focus lies on games, mobile and web-solutions apart from software development (PC/MAC), maintenance and support. The nurusoft team worked in the past with projects of companies like Nintendo, Playtech, Fujitsu, Siemens, Egmont, Nestle among others.

the team of the nurusoft - software design factory would be best described with: nerdity & enthusiastic creativity combined with project management stability & on time delivery.



nurusoft - we care about coding the game

press contact:


Eilert Behrends


Skype: eilert-behrends

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