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EIGF announces Game Screening schedule

The Edinburgh International Games Festival has announced a full line-up of Game Screening items for this year's event, which takes place from Wednesday 11th August through to Saturday 14th August.

The Game Screenings programme is designed to give the public an insight into upcoming games and some enduring classics, as well as an opportunity to quiz their creators - and this year's programme will see three new titles premiering at the event.

Eidos' Ian Livingstone opens the programme on the Wednesday with a discussion of the creation of the Lara Croft phenomenon, and an introduction to Hitman's Agent 47, while EA's Neil Young will be showing off The Sims 2 later in the same day.

Thursday sees a head-to-head Xbox Live challenge between the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, supported by BT Broadband, while the Screening programme launches again in earnest on Friday, when Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson will be showing off Football Manager 2005 for the first time.

Later on Friday, Emily Newton Dunn of onedotzero will be presenting a discussion session on "the Culture of Fear," examining the phenomenon of scary video games, while on Saturday two more UK game premieres take place - as Jonathan Smith of Giant Interactive shows off LEGO Star Wars for the first time, while Lyle Hall from THQ's Heavy Iron Studios presents Disney/Pixar's The Incredibles.

Finally, the programme wraps up on Saturday with an event designed to discuss the reality of working in the games industry - hosted jointly by Ideas Factory Scotland and Dare To Be Digital, with Rebecca Thompson from Channel 4's Ideas Factory chairing a discussion which promises to involve a "host of famous names."

More information about the screenings, and the rest of the EIGF programmes, can be found at [the EIGF website].

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