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Eidos signs up Quazal for console online titles

Wimbledon-based publisher Eidos has signed a licensing agreement with multiplayer middleware supplier Quazal which will see it using the company's Net-Z technology in two forthcoming console titles.

The agreement will see Eidos using Quazal's advanced real-time multiplayer systems in titles for the Xbox and PS2, and according to Montreal-based Quazal, it marks the beginning of a more long-term relationship between the two companies.

"In developing games both in-house and with third parties, often features such as networking get reinvented for each title, leading to wasted engineering time," explained Eidos technology director Tal Raviv. "We evaluated all the available middleware packages and picked the best one for our needs. With Net-Z, weâve found a reusable solution that is flexible enough to transcend genre differences while being cross-platform, and which allows a rapid turnaround on the actual implementation of online features."

External Link: [Quazal]

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