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Eidos signs LEGO Star Wars title

The publishing rights for the forthcoming LEGO Star Wars titles have been snapped up by British publisher Eidos, who now owns the rights to the game for everywhere in the world outside Japan.

The multi-platform title, which is being developed for home consoles by Traveller's Tales and for GBA by Amaze Entertainment, encompasses events from the three Star Wars prequel movies, and is set to ship next April.

The game was the surprise hit of the Game Screenings programme at the Edinburgh International Games Festival earlier this month, where the polished gameplay and quirky, tongue-in-cheek style of the title went down a storm with industry and public attendees alike.

We'd like to think that this may have helped to influence Eidos' decision to pick up the game - which has certainly rocketed into our most-wanted list. A game based on the new Star Wars movies and the LEGO franchise, promising to be fantastic? Truly, the times they are a-changin'.

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