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Eidos launches Thief: Deadly Shadows for mobiles

Episode one of the two part Java game available for download now

Eidos Interactive has announced the release of the first episode in its two-part stealth action title, Thief: Deadly Shadows, which is now available for download on a wide range of Java enabled mobile handsets.

Based on the third game in the critically acclaimed PC and console series, the dedicated mobile version of Thief has been developed by IOMO and features 16 levels divided into two distinct episodic mobile releases.

Players assume the familiar role of master thief Garrett and are tasked with navigating the shadowy corridors and guard-filled houses of the deadly medieval world, using the environment for stealth and attempting to steal precious jewels and valuable artefacts from the unsuspecting inhabitants. They can also pick any lock or pocket using a unique handset vibration system.

John Chasey, managing director of IOMO stated: "Mobile phones have proven themselves to be a viable and capable games platform, bringing a new dimension to titles which have appeared on consoles, reaching an ever growing audience and introducing even the most sceptical to the joys of gaming."

"Thief: Deadly Shadows is a complex and sophisticated title to bring to mobile phones while retaining the gameplay and atmosphere which made the original game so popular. We think the important elements have translated very well and look forward to bringing Garret's adventures to a whole new audience."

"Thief raises the bar on the current stealth games available on mobile. We are starting to realise the full potential of what can be done on mobile," added Simon Protheroe, new media and IT director for Eidos.

The first episode of the side-scrolling single player adventure is now available to download from all major network operators now, and the second instalment is scheduled for release in the first part of 2006.

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