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Eidos halts development of Carmageddon

Former SCi title Carmageddon is no longer in development at Visual Sciences, according to sources close to the Scottish developer.

Eidos has halted development of Carmageddon at Visual Science, understands, although it's not clear whether the game has been canned completely or whether it will resurface at another developer.

According to sources at the Scottish developer, development stopped over a fortnight ago, but Eidos has so far said nothing. Calls for comment to Eidos had not been returned at the time of publication, and nobody from Visual Science was available to take our call.

It's not known whether any jobs were lost following suspension of the game's development.

Carmageddon, an SCi product prior to its acquisition of Eidos, is thought to have been in development for at least two years, having first been mentioned in a financial report in 2003 - it was later linked with a 2005 release on PS2, Xbox and PC.

The news of the revival of SCi's driving action series, which had courted much controversy during its early days on the PC thanks to regular and violent obliteration of human pedestrian sprites, had been met with some interest by gamers - particularly as new technology seemed to pave the way for much more exotic visuals - but details have always been thin on the ground.

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