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Eidos' Backyard Wrestling delayed by printing error

One of the "missing in action" titles in this week's UK sales chart was Eidos' Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This At Home, which was slated for release on PS2 and Xbox on November 7th - but the PS2 version failed to appear at retail on the appointed date.

UK gaming website C&VG has now cleared up the reason behind this, reporting that a printing error was the cause for the slippage. According to a spokesperson for Eidos, the BBFC age rating for the game failed to appear on the discs for the PS2 version, which meant that the game had to be recalled at the last minute.

The fixed PS2 stock is now expected to arrive at retail within the next week or two. This may be a blessing in disguise for Eidos, in fact, since it moves the launch of the title away from the wrestling steamroller that is THQ's SmackDown! franchise, the latest version of which came out last Friday.

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