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Eggbot's Irish Adventure

New puzzle adventure from the TileStorm chaps, submitted to the App Store and hopefully available for St Patrick's Day.

Massive Hadron is pleased to announce that Eggbot's Irish Adventure has been submitted to Apple and should be available by St Patrick's Day. Massive Hadron has previously released the critically acclaimed game TileStorm and Eggbot's Irish Adventure is a worthy addition to this series. Massive Hadron is a small company consisting of developers from all over the world. Several members of the team helped make the classic Theme Hospital game on the PC; we think that you will find Massive Hadron's games equally compelling and hope that Eggbot's Irish Adventure is one of many games from Massive Hadron that you will enjoy playing. For more information about Eggbot's Irish Adventure visit Massive Hadron's website at

Information about Eggbot's Irish Adventure

Eggbot's Irish Adventure is an extremely addictive puzzle adventure game. Eggbot's Irish Adventure has 32 levels, but many levels have multiple puzzles. There are also different types of puzzles, and 1000 gold coins to collect. For OpenFeint fans every gold coin is worth an OpenFeint achievement point. In Eggbot's Irish Adventure, Eggbot has gone to Ireland, the land of his forefathers, to make his fortune and to do some sightseeing. Eggbot hopes to earn a thousand gold coins before he returns home, but he needs your help. To help Eggbot you will need to guide Eggbot through every county in Ireland. Eggbot is not sure of the way though, so you need to make the paths for him to follow. Not all paths lead to gold, and some counties have hidden gold. The last counties have more difficult tiles as well, but you won't have to worry because Eggbot is very patient.

Here is an early testimonial from a player on Touch Arcade:

'EIA has an easy mode. This way, you can learn the levels and figure out the paths and then try your hand at the hard mode. There are also new sliding tile pictures built into several levels, which offers extra fun and gaming, but they do not need to be completed in order to beat the level. It's great to see Eggbot in a new, bright and colorful world and will present a challenge that's casual gamer friendly. It'll be a great St. Pattys Day gaming treat.'

Eggbot's Irish Adventure has a number of NOTEWORTHY FEATURES:

• 32 levels; one for each county in Ireland of generally increasing difficulty.

• Intuitive and responsive controls

• Fast fully 3D graphics engine; Eggbot's Irish Adventure looks great on any iPod or iPhone, but runs fantastically well on a 3gs

• Extremely fast launch time

• Automatic game save on exit

• Full player statistics stored under options menu including combined paying time and number of screen presses

• Individual level times stored.. go back any time and try to beat your fastest time

• Factory reset option available

• Automatic 'screen flip' for inverted use

• Fully functional audio mute; listen to your own music whilst playing Eggbot's Irish Adventure

• Eggbot's Irish Adventure can be downloaded straight to your phone over a 3G or Edge connection

• Full OpenFeint integration, with online high score tables, and 1000 OpenFeint achievement points up for grabs

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