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Eets cuts the Fat - 50% off!

For Immediate Release

December 13th 2006, Klei Entertainment,, is halving the price of their award winning game "Eets: Hunger. It's emotional", in the spirit of the holiday season. For $10, you can get a hold of one of the top independent games of the year - Editor's Choice on GameTunnel, hailed by Penny-Arcade, and receiving accolades from all over the media, including the New York Times.

Eets may have a cute outer-shell, but its Lemmings meets The Incredible Machine gameplay, crazy characters and increasingly tricky puzzles quickly sucks in even the most seasoned player. Play over a hundred unique puzzles that ship with the game, and come to our community to download over 200 fan-made levels!

Described as "Lemmings on Crack" by GrrlGamer, and endeared by Kotaku via "excitable pigs that fart smaller pigs when you poke 'em", this game has something for everyone.

With a deal like that, how could anyone go wrong by downloading the free trial from

For Evaluation Version Contact: Jamie Cheng at


Demo Download:

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