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eDimensional rubbishes Nintendo 3D rumours

Gaming and virtual reality accessories manufacturer eDimensional has dismissed online rumours that it is in licensing talks with Nintendo with a view to using its patented "stereoscopic 3D technology" in future console systems.

eDimensional currently uses the technology in its Gaming Glasses and VirtualFX TV converter, designed to bring games to life in glorious 3D. You can read more about them - and even buy some, if you're so inclined - on the official eDimensional website.

However, the technology won't be making an appearance in Nintendo's Revolution console, despite reports to that effect in a number of online publications this week.

"Due to the overwhelming number of phone calls and emails inquiring about this we felt the need to acknowledge that eDimensional is in no formal discussion or negotiation with Nintendo regarding our stereoscopic 3D technology," eDimensional CEO Michael Epstein explained.

Rumours that Nintendo is going 3D with its next console, eDimensional and its Gaming Glasses aside, seem likely to persist regardless - and for some time, if it's true that Nintendo won't be showing anything of the Revolution at this year's E3 apart from some rolling in-game footage.

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