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Echo Bazaar

A dead bat: apparently this year's most wanted Valentine's Day gift.

·  Praised by the Escapist’s Extra Credits for a unique take on social gaming

·  ‘Gloriously atmospheric’ - The Guardian

·  Best Browser Game 2009 - The Escapist Awards

·  Supported through Facebook and Twitter NPC/player interaction

Ever wanted to give your loved one a dead bat wrapped in a ribbon?

The Feast of the Exceptional Rose is coming to Echo Bazaar! Players are gearing up for a heady 10-day festival of flirting, whirling, drinking, dancing, revelry and devilry. Disrupting winter gloom, the revelries will involve interplayer gifting, waltzes with devils, quadrilles with Duchesses and invite a friend to a tryst by moonish light. And in what other game can you do all that and still have time to sample a devilled heart at the Carnival?

“Simply and brilliantly produced on what can only be a minuscule budget... some of the most interesting storytelling methodology we've seen and some of the best use of mystery.”

Extra Credits

Echo Bazaar offers unique possibilities for social interactions in a casual browser game setting, that enrich the game world and ties in with the game narrative, whilst still allowing for independent player choice. Blackly humorous with a side order of whimsy, Echo Bazaar is the only game where you can flirt with devils, fight a duel with a priest and go mad from nightmares all in the same day.

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Notes for editors

A little more about Failbetter Games:

A dangerous cadre of wild-eyed narrative engineers, Failbetter Games was founded a little over a year ago by Alexis Kennedy and Paul Arendt, to develop narrative driven social games and interactive digital storytelling. Their first game, Echo Bazaar is an awarding-winning handful of Lovecraftian Victoriana set in Fallen London, once the capital of the British Empire and now home to the Bazaar.

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