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Eat Electric Death Now Available For Pre-Order!

Exciting Weird Worlds Board Game At The Printers!

Hampstead, NC, 06 November 2007

When the alien armadas descend from the skies above there will be two types of Earthlings facing them. The first type will be those unable to fight the invaders due to their lack of interstellar combat knowledge. They will be captured en masse and experience a lifetime of probing. The aliens won't even buy them dinner, nor cuddle afterwards. The second type will know the fine art of galactic starship combat thanks to the countless hours they spent playing Eat Electric Death!. This group will become heroes to the human race, and will have really big statues made of them. We're talking huge.

For everyone looking to not be probed, Shrapnel Games is proud to announce that Digital Eel's board game, Eat Electric Death!, is currently at the printers and we are accepting

pre-orders on this thrilling title! From now December 31st, Eat Electric Death! can be pre-ordered for only $32.95 direct from Shrapnel Games. Pre-ordering guarantees that you will be one of the first Earthicans to get the game once it arrives from the printer.

And no, you don't have to wait for another 499 folks to also pre-order. Current shipping ETA is early first quarter 2008.

Eat Electric Death! is a tactical starship combat game set in the Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space computer game universe. Designed by the award-winning developer behind the computer game, Digital Eel, no knowledge of the digital game is necessary to enjoy the cardboard game. What is necessary is an appreciation of fast-moving, action packed gameplay that will leave a grin plastered on your face all night long.

Two players (although solo and group play can also work) command the starships of seven races from Weird Worlds in over twenty-five scenarios. Start off small with a furious dogfight, or jump right into the stuff space operas are made of with a daring running battle amongst asteroids to protect the Zorg ambassador. Secret weapon cards shake up tactics, and make every replay unique. Most scenarios take under thirty minutes to game, and even the largest won't take longer than an hour, making Eat Electric Death! the perfect space game for today's on-the-go gamer.

Eat Electric Death! is easy to learn and to teach. Combat is fast and brutal. Decide what weapon or weapons you're firing, roll a die, and for each hit the targeted ship blindly draws one damage counter from a pool. A wide variety of results that includes system damage and even insta-kill reactor breaches is possible, all without needing to consult complex charts. Tracking damage is just as easy as dealing it! Every capital ship in the

game has a unique data card that allows players easy bookkeeping without bogging down play.

During playtesting not only did Shrapnel employ our usual great band of testers, but we scoured the universe looking for the opinions of those that know space best. What did the professionals have to say about Eat Electric Death!?

"Aye, she's a finely engineered box of fun that keen provide action a'plenty. And ye cannat go wrong wit a game that features wormholes innit." -- M.S.

"Impressive, most impressive. I sense a great disturbance in my weekends when this is released." -- D.V.

"What gorgeous counters, and sweatily hot gameplay. I intend to take this home and play it hard, hard just the dirty, dirty game it is" -- Z.B.

Learn more about Eat Electric Death! and check out what we think is the best looking art for a sci-fi board game on the market by warping your browser to:


To chart a destination to pre-order fun head on over to:


Remember, the special pre-order price is only good through the end of the year. If you only pre-order one game this year that ensures you won't be probed by aliens, be sure it's Eat Electric Death!.

Shrapnel Games would also like to invite you to show the world that you don't want to end up naked on a cold metal table. When Digital Eel unveiled the box art we had to have it on our desktops, and thought gamers everywhere would also appreciate it.

Featuring an Urluquai fighter squadron hurling electric death and boasting a cool retro- pulp flair, the cover art is available as a desktop wallpaper. Show your office, school, or public library the glory that is Eat Electric Death!. We even have one perfect for your iPhone! You can download the wallpaper from here:


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