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East India Company

Second patch piped aboard.

NEW YORK – August 11, 2009 – Paradox Interactive today announced the release of the second downloadable patch for East India Company, the PC naval strategy title that puts the player in control of trading and leading one’s fleet into combat.

The second patch for East India Company addresses a variety of issues. The patch can be accessed for download from the game menu. Once the patch has been downloaded and installed, players will receive the following new features and updates, as well as some new fixes:

New Features:

- Timescale for tactical battles: fast forward through the slower parts of the battles straight to the action.

- Improved trade item information with different filters.

- See at a glance how much profit your fleet commander is making.

- Order your fleets to auto repair to reduce manual management or repair whole fleet with single click.

- Mission rewards increase as time goes by.

- Accepted missions have sanctions for failing them, so think before accepting them.

- Version number is shown in Main Menu.


- Ship speeds on tactical level fine-tuned.

Bug Fixes:

- Problems with some older graphic cards fixed.

- MTI value problem when selling to other MTI ports fixed.

- A crash on some year changes fixed.

- A problem with save games not loading fixed.

In East India Company, buildup and take the lead of the most powerful naval trading empire ever to set sail. Featuring real-time tactical combat in beautiful, cinematic environments, East India Company combines decision-making with intense battles in both single and multiplayer modes. Fight as the British, Dutch, French, Danish, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish and Holy Roman Empire as you command your fleet in the naval strategy game developed by Nitro Games, Ltd.

East India Company is available from retailers everywhere; along with all leading digital download outlets for a suggested retail price of $39.99.

For more information, please visit the official website at

About Paradox Interactive

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About Nitro Games

Nitro Games Ltd. is a Finnish game developer that produces high quality video games for worldwide distribution. Since it’s founding in 2007, the company has grown rapidly and become one of the largest game development studios in Finland producing games for both PC and Next-Gen console platforms. The company focuses on creating interesting titles with strong intellectual property values. Company offices are located in Kotka and Helsinki, both in southern Finland. The development team is comprised of skilled professionals who know what it takes to make a game that is fun to play and easy to sell. Read more:


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